Baku Machinery LLC was founded in Baku , Emirates.

With AC and DC Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and numerous projects in oil industry, we have gained an important position on the list of approved manufacturers..

This company designs and produces Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) in the market with the aim of providing a variety of battery chargers, inverters, rectifiers , inductive furnace.

With 100 well-trained personnel and highly experienced technicians, it strongly aims at constant training and professional development of its employees, and ensures them a healthy and constructive business environment.

Employing specialized engineers for production and design, Baku Machinery LLC has managed to gain a good reputation in the market.

We are the authorized agent and distributor of:


Electronicon (Germany)

Kendeil (Italy)

Ducati (Italy)

Icar (Italy)


Lawson (UK)

Ferraz-MERSEN (France)

SIBA (Germany)

Hall Effect Sensors

LEM (Switzerland)


SEMIKRON (Germany)

Fuji (Japan)

We supply the customers with products of the companies above followed by after-sales services.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of our company is customer satisfaction in order to build good reputation in the field of electrical industry.

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.

We believe that everything depends on the quality of our products. From that knowledge comes our ongoing commitment to manufacture products to meet the highest standards.

Baku Machinery LLC and its employees are committed to continuously improve the process by which we provide our products and services, so that what we do will meet requirements and will be done correctly within the shortest time. We appreciate you for your solid partnership with Baku Machinery LLC and for being the driving force behind our success.